R Consultancy, SwimScarf & London’s Finest Distributor

R Consultancy brings you “Gems of the Caribbean” including Grenadian Cocoa Butter, Sulphur soap from St Lucia, Unique Island Earrings and Copper From Asia.
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R Consultancy is in collaboration with “Swimscarf” ideal for big hair with Volume & length, Swimscarf allows you to swim with confidence and maintain dry hair.
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R Consultancy is also in collaboration with writer Chris Siba of London’s Finest Distribution, inspired to tell his story after the death of his son, hoping to inspire some of the next generation. Chris will be supplying the following books at the hair show – A Product of My Environment, Its on Top – The Reggie Stepper Story & The Lie That Made Me by Mark Tugwell.
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Website : https://www.rconsultancy.org

Phone number : (44) 07956301498

Contact name : R Consultancy

Email: inforconsultancy1@aol.co.uk