Nyxon Hair and Beauty products have been developed to the highest standards utilizing the combined expertise and knowledge of experienced hairdressers and pharmacists for more than 30 years. We have worked hard over the years to scientifically help create and develop products within their specific fields.

Our products are known in the UK, USA, Paris, Africa and the Caribbean.


Treats and prevents razor bumps, a common condition afflicting millions of men and women the world over, who often seek solutions from their GP or pharmacist. Until now there has not been a product able to offer suitable long-term solutions to this cosmetically embarrassing condition.

Bump Control not only treats this condition, it also prevents reoccurrence by killing the bacteria and helps to heal and improve the condition of the skin either on the face or head. Bump control is also highly effective for ladies experiencing razor bumps on the bikini line and legs. The response to this product has been overwhelming and we are keen to spread the experience of Bump Control.


This high sheen, conditioning, non-flaking semi-permanent gel gives superb results to all styles including waves, scrunches, curls and warps. It freezes any style until you decide to wash it out. Nyxon gel has proved to be one of the leading gels and is widely used by salon owners.

Nyxon Curl Cream Mango Butter Almond Curling Cream

A defining curl cream to revitalise dull, lifeless hair.
Gives body and shine to natural hair exposing manageable soft curls.
Can be used as a moisturiser for natural hair or curly weave.

Nyxon Edge Control

Nyxon Edge Control holds without flaking. It slicks and holds down edges while adding shine and moisture.
This formulation provides excellent hold without hardening the hair and is ideal for all hair types, maintaining slick styles, controlling the hair edges, braiding and ponytails.

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