Enum Cosmetics

Get ready to achieve the perfect ombre lip with Enum Cosmetics’ amazing two in one liquid lipsticks! Enum Cosmetics was born, with the name “Enum” meaning “5” in Twi, representing our founder’s contribution to the beauty industry.

Our five two in one gloss kits are named after delicious desserts and are specifically designed to complement and enhance various make up looks, giving you that flawless, radiant look you deserve. Our long-lasting formula is non-sticky and made with safe ingredients, ensuring you can confidently rock your perfect lip all day long. So, whether you’re attending Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE or just looking for high-quality cosmetics that cater to your needs, Enum Cosmetics has got you covered. Try us out today and experience the difference!

Stand Number : 49

Website : https://www.enumcosmetics.com

Phone number : (44) 02035762754

Contact name : Cherrelle Dokubo

Email: info@enumcosmetics.com