Cosmic Energy

Cosmic energy

The trinity & balance are
Dr Oliver Aubrey
Ras Alkaline
Fire Stead and balance is Shafina.
We are well- being Specialist team that deals with in and out of your Body.
Dr oliver is functioning health physician who does not prescribe anything from pharmaceuticals.
Ras Alkaline is a generation herbalist from Jamaica that stocks and makes Electrical Alkaline Tonics which have Several Healing Benefits.
Fire Stead is an Electrical Engineer looks at the body as a system working off frequency.
All practitioners use a device called Comera that is a surgical device that you don’t have to cut into the body to start Reversing conditions within. The device works off laser led amitten dyo’s and magnetics also using a range of natural herbs and Nano products
Iron, Magnesium, copper, silver, gold and Zinc and range of products for the outer body.
Shafina deals with spiritual side of the body. We have crystals to balance your chakras and meditation, we do oils, incense sticks and for protection we do Shungite for Radiation, Emf, Wi-Fi and microwave.

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Phone number : (7720) 218001

Contact name : Fire Stead